Rachael's Story


Rachael Arielle Stacey, the third of four girls. A quirky and expressive, red haired, blue eyed girl with freckles. Rachael was an energetic, happy child with an incredible imagination. Her childhood was filled with summers at the cottage, cousins as best friends, music lessons and sports, and winter vacations skiing and snowboarding. Creativity poured from her, often finding her fully immersed in imaginative worlds.

School, though, she found difficult. She had mild dyslexia, yet did well in school until grade 9. She worked for good grades, and worked much harder than those around her had to work. Her deeper struggles began in her early teens. Those around her didn't understand the depth of struggles as her descent began, taking her so much further beyond typical 'teen angst'. An undiagnosed mental health issue led her down a dark path as she grasped to cope. Things continued to become more and more difficult for her, but then she started to turn things around. She got herself off hard drugs, and began working on high school. Rachael, hidden under the mental illness that gripped her, was beginning to be freed. However, the recovery journey for Rachael was difficult and tragically she accepted the lie of hopelessness and died from depression and suicide. 

Only three weeks before, Rachael spoke about a desire to help those in pain. She wanted to help those who struggled like her. This she decided, was what she was meant to do.  Rachael died before her time. Rachael didn't have to die. Suicide is preventable.

She lives on through our commitment to bring meaning to her 18 years, by fulfilling her desire to help those who struggle like she did. EVERYONE has a role in suicide prevention.

We are Running for Rachael to her 18 years, by fulfilling her desire to help those who struggle like she did and generate platforms of hope, help and healing in our community.  

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